Be in Historic Places With Cheap Holidays to Cuba


Cuba is an island country located in the northern Caribbean and comprises the main island and several minor islands. It is a multi-ethnic nation with diverse cultures and customs. From the 4th millennium BC, it was inhabited by the Ciboney Taino people until the Spanish rulers made it one of their colonies in the 15th century. After the Spanish-American War in the late-19th century, it was occupied by the United States of America and made its protectorate. The communist rule was established after 1959 under Fidel Castro. Today, the country is a sovereign state and visited by tourists from different parts of the world.

You can enjoy cheap Cuba holidays if you visit during the months of January and February when the rates of hotel accommodations are cheaper and there is a considerable drop in temperatures at night. Spring in mid-March and April is an ideal time to be in this part of the Caribbean owing to the warm daytime temperatures without humidity or the possibilities of storms. The wet season arrives in Cuba during the month of June and the period between August and October carries the risk of storms. Due to this reason, many of the tourists avoid visiting during these times of the year.

During your cheap holidays to Cuba, you’ll get the chance to explore its fascinating attractions. One of them is Old Havana, a UNESCO World Heritage Site that has managed to preserve Cuba’s history to a great extent. Its cobblestone streets are great for a stroll and they take you through some interesting Neoclassical and Baroque buildings. If you wish to unwind on some gorgeous beaches, head to Varadero. It is one of the most popular beach destinations in the country and is home to several white-sand beaches. Another UNESCO World Heritage Site in Cuba is the town of Trinidad, which has some beautifully-restored buildings and cobblestone streets.

Some adventurous activities also await you during your cheap holidays to Cuba. One of them is a hike on Pico Turquino, which is the tallest peak on the island. You’ll have a couple of routes that would take you to the top. There are some really nice waves in the country for surfing enthusiasts and if you wish to indulge in this thrilling activity, you can make a trip to the eastern seaboard. Snorkelling and scuba-diving can be enjoyed in the waters surrounding this island destination where some great coral reefs can be found.

While holidaying in this island nation, you’ll also get to savour its mouth-watering dishes. One of them is the Medianoche, which is a sandwich made with sweet egg-bread filled with pickles, pork, ham, and cheese. Pernil Relleno de Moros y Cristianos is yet another delicious delicacy worth tasting in this country. It is prepared by marinating a pork shoulder using garlic, orange juice, pepper, and oregano and cooking it in the oven after filling with rice and beans. You’ll also like to have shrimps in coconut sauce, which is served in many restaurants of Baracoa.

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