South Korea Trip Tips: 10 Latest Spots for the Best Holiday!


South Korea Trip Tips - 10 Latest Spots for the Best Holiday!

South Korea is an exceptional nation with stunning beaches, bustling cities, ancient temples, breathtaking natural landscapes, and, above all, hospitable people. South Korea is one of the top picks for Asian travel destinations. Whether seeking iconic landmarks or the latest hotspots in 2024, South Korea Trip Tips has got you covered!


South Korea Trip Tips: 10 Latest Spots for the Best Holiday!

Nami Island

Escape the hustle and bustle of Seoul by venturing to Nami Island, nestled approximately 63 km east of the city. Famed for its natural splendor and association with the beloved Korean drama “Winter Sonata,” Nami Island beckons as a tranquil haven for travelers.

Meander along picturesque pathways like Metasequoia Lane, Ginkgo Tree Lane, Cedar Road, and Reed Road, each offering captivating vistas year-round. Whether adorned with cherry blossoms in spring, vibrant foliage in autumn, or serene snowscapes in winter, every season adorns the island with enchanting allure.

To reach Nami Island, board Seoul Subway Line 7 to Gapyeong Station or Line 6 to Sinnae Station, then transfer to the Gyeongchun Line bound for Gapyeong Station. From there, embark on the Gapyeong City Tour Bus to Nami Island Station, where a ferry awaits to whisk you away to the island. For an extra thrill, consider the exhilarating high-altitude zip line entry!

Embrace the journey, for it is all part of the adventure. So pack your sense of exploration and prepare to immerse yourself in the beauty and romance of Nami Island!

Recommended Duration: Spend a day to release all stress.

Beomeosa Temple

Beomeosa Temple, one of South Korea’s five esteemed temples, underwent reconstruction in 1713 following previous destruction. Legend holds that atop the mountain rests a golden well, where golden fish frolic in its waters, descending from five-colored clouds—a tale that inspired its name. The temple’s main hall and three-tier stone pagoda hold the prestigious designation of South Korean national treasures, reflecting their profound cultural, historical, and artistic significance. Enveloped by autumnal hues, Beomeosa Temple exudes a serene ambiance, providing visitors with a tranquil retreat amidst the venerable temple grounds. For nature enthusiasts, a visit to Beomeosa Temple is a must, offering prime opportunities to witness the breathtaking autumn foliage of Busan.

How Long to Spend: Immerse yourself for a day in the enchanting realm of this temple.


Hallasan, standing proudly on the Korean Peninsula, reaches a majestic altitude of 1,950 meters, marking it as South Korea’s loftiest peak and a quintessential natural wonder of Jeju Island. Hikers embarking on its trails are treated to a mesmerizing array of landscapes, from serene lakes to cascading waterfalls, all within diverse ecosystems.

In autumn, Hallasan is adorned with a fiery display of red foliage, while winter blankets its slopes with pristine snow. Its allure is truly indescribable. Surrounding this iconic peak are more than 360 other summits, collectively shaping a landscape of unparalleled beauty. At Jeju Island’s heart, Hallasan embodies resilience and grace, weathering the elements with unwavering strength.

For hikers eager to explore its trails, reservations are required via the official website for routes like Seongpanak and Gwaneumsa. Reservations open one month before the intended climb date; for instance, those planning a March ascent can secure their spot starting February 1st. The Seongpanak route welcomes 1,000 visitors daily, while the Gwaneumsa route accommodates 500 daily visitors.

How Long to Spend: 2-3 days for an unforgettable expedition.

Seomun Market 

Formerly known as the Daegu Great Market, the Seomun Market boasts a rich historical legacy dating back to the Joseon Dynasty. Among the three major markets of the era—Daegu, Pyongyang, and Ganggyeong—it stood out for its strategic location on the western side of Daegu’s city walls. Positioned initially approximately 300 meters from the walls, near the present-day motorcycle street surrounding the Honda Coffee Shop on Market North Road, the market bustled with activity on the 2nd and 7th of each month.

Even today, remnants of its storied past endure in street names like “rolling pin pancake” and “chicken pancake.” The market remains a bustling hub for a diverse array of fiber-related products, including silk, fabrics, knitwear, crafts, and clothing for both men and women. Additionally, it offers an extensive selection of utensils, dried fish, and more, all on a grand scale. While preserving its traditional charm and hospitality, the market also features modern conveniences such as heating and cooling facilities and ample parking.

Not to be missed are its signature dishes, including cupped tripe, a savory delight showcasing grilled tripe served in cups, and thinly sliced radish simmered in a spicy rice cake soup base. Another standout is the shrimp and chips, drawing inspiration from the classic British fish and chips. These culinary delights are so beloved that patrons often line up for a taste.

How Long to Spend: A morning for an authentic local experience.

Space Walk

Nestled in Pohang, Space Walk is the brainchild of a German artist couple who dedicated two years and seven months to its creation. This architectural marvel offers visitors a mesmerizing bird’s-eye perspective of the cityscape. Extending across 333 meters, Space Walk boasts over 700 steps, soaring up to 25 meters above ground level. Its diverse elevations provide unique vantage points of the surrounding landscape, evoking a sensation of weightlessness. Many visitors seize the opportunity to snap photos while perched on the stairs, particularly on clear days when the azure sky serves as a stunning backdrop.

As day transitions into dusk and nightfall, Space Walk undergoes a captivating transformation, illuminated by many lights. Walking along the trail during this time feels akin to hovering in the heavens, presenting a rare and enchanting spectacle. To ascend Space Walk, arriving early is recommended, as the maximum capacity is capped at 250 people, with onsite safety personnel ensuring visitors’ well-being. For adventure seekers yearning to capture breathtaking aerial shots, Space Walk beckons as an unmissable destination!

How Long to Spend: A day trip for adventure seekers

South Korea Trip Tips - 10 Latest Spots for the Best Holiday!


Itaewon, a renowned commercial district in Seoul, is celebrated for its vibrant and diverse atmosphere. The origins of its name have sparked debate, with differing theories attempting to explain its etymology. One suggests that during the Korean War, the area earned the name “Iteawon” (梨泰院) due to the presence of Japanese individuals who had children with locals. To avoid taboo, the name was later changed to its current form. Another theory proposes that Itaewon was named after the abundance of pear trees that once flourished in the area.

Situated near the Yongsan Garrison, the most extensive US military base in South Korea, Itaewon began attracting many foreigners in the 1950s. Over time, it evolved into a bustling hub of international tourism, blending elements from various cultures, such as the United States, Thailand, India, and Mexico. This diverse cultural fusion is most notably reflected in Itaewon’s eclectic culinary scene, making it a distinctive and vibrant presence within Seoul.

In the widely acclaimed K-drama Itaewon Class, characters such as Yi-seo and Geun-soo fail to enter the “Chungga” restaurant group’s pub, only to be turned away due to their underage status. This memorable scene was filmed at a branch of Manmankokoro situated in Itaewon. Conveniently located for those exploring Hongdae, it’s an ideal place to enjoy a meal while shopping. As a result of its appearance in the series, Itaewon has become a highly coveted destination for fans.

Duration: Plan for an authentic Seoul experience spanning 1 to 2 nights.


LEGOLAND Korea presents an enchanting experience that is not to be missed! Established in the summer of 2022 and situated in Chuncheon City, Gangwon Province, this sprawling park encompasses seven themed areas crafted with over 30 million LEGO bricks. It showcases a unique Korean-exclusive zone featuring more than 40 attractions and rides.

Tailored for families, LEGOLAND parks offer a delightful, diverse range of activities appropriate for guests of all ages. Dive into a world where imagination meets excitement, with LEGO-themed attractions ranging from exhilarating rides to captivating shows. Explore vibrant indoor and outdoor zones brimming with LEGO magic, where every corner promises adventure.

Whether you’re creating cherished memories with your family or indulging your inner child, LEGOLAND Korea Resort guarantees joy at every turn. 

Plan to spend 1-2 days at LEGOLAND Korea Resort for an experience of pure happiness.

Lotte World Adventure Busan: Magic Forest

Busan, South Korea’s vibrant second-largest city, welcomes visitors with the exciting debut of “Lotte World Adventure Busan: Magic Forest” this year. Situated at Osiria Station on the Busan Metro Donghae Line, this expansive theme park sprawls across 158,000 square meters, surpassing its Seoul counterpart, Lotte World, by 20%. As South Korea’s largest theme park, it promises an unforgettable adventure.

Themed around enchanting fairy tales, “Busan Lotte World Adventure” stars “LORRY” as the central character, immersing visitors in an interactive adventure narrative. Divided into six captivating zones—namely “Joyful Meadows,” “Royal Garden,” “Wonder Woods,” “Rainbow Springs,” “Tinker Falls,” and “Underland”—the park boasts an array of entertainment offerings, including 17 exhilarating rides. Scheduled performances and parades further enhance the magical experience.

For extra fun, guests can rent costumes, allowing them to reminisce about their student days and create lasting memories. Plan to spend a whole day at “Busan Lotte World Adventure” for an exhilarating and unforgettable experience.

Changdeokgung Palace

Established in 1394, Changdeokgung Palace is a testament to the majesty and architectural brilliance of the Joseon Dynasty. This historic site, immortalized in popular Korean dramas like “Queen In-hyun’s Man,” beckons visitors to Seoul to embark on a journey through Korean history and marvel at its splendor. Donning a traditional hanbok adds an extra layer of authenticity, allowing you to return to the Joseon Dynasty era.

Accessible via the Seoul subway, Changdeokgung Palace welcomes foreign adult visitors for a nominal fee of 3,000 Korean won, while those adorned in hanbok enjoy complimentary entry. Nearby hanbok rental shops ensure everyone can fully immerse themselves in the experience. Highlights of the palace include the majestic Injeongjeon Hall and the picturesque Hyangwonjeong Pavilion, both shining examples of Joseon architecture. 

Additionally, visitors can enrich their understanding of Korean culture by exploring the National Palace Museum of Korea near Heungnyemun Gate and the National Folk Museum of Korea adjacent to the east side of Hyangwonjeong Pavilion, offering unique insights and photo opportunities.

Plan to spend 3-4 hours at Changdeokgung Palace for an authentic and immersive historical experience that will leave a lasting impression.

South Korea Trip Tips - 10 Latest Spots for the Best Holiday!

N Seoul Tower

Perched atop Namsan Mountain, N Seoul Tower is an iconic symbol of Seoul, akin to Tokyo Tower or Taipei 101 for their respective cities. Offering breathtaking vistas of the sprawling metropolis, the tower, also known as Namsan Tower, has been a beloved landmark since its construction in 1975. Rising 243 meters above sea level, it affords visitors a bird’s-eye view of Seoul’s urban landscape.

Renowned for its romantic ambiance, N Seoul Tower has captured the hearts of many through its appearances in popular Korean dramas like “My Love from the Star” and “Boys Over Flowers.” 

Accessing N Seoul Tower is hassle-free with the Namsan Circular Shuttle Bus, a convenient option offering passengers a scenic 3-minute ride. Whether you’re seeking a romantic rendezvous or wish to admire Seoul’s beauty, a visit to N Seoul Tower promises an unforgettable experience. Allocate 1-2 hours to fully immerse yourself in the city’s splendor from this lofty vantage point.


South Korea boasts diverse experiences, with Seoul and Jeju Island topping the charts. Seoul, a global financial and commercial hub, blends ancient architecture with modern amenities, offering endless entertainment options and vibrant nightlife. Its culinary scene seamlessly fuses traditional Korean flavors with global influences, creating a unique dining experience. Hence, spend your holiday visiting these must-visit places in South Korea and make the most of your moment!

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